Patrick: 7 Months and Then Some

Patrick turned seven months a couple of weeks ago. So naturally, we took his picture yesterday and are passing it off as authentic. It’s how we roll. We’re pretty laid back and casual.

PAtrick 7 month BW

Aww Squishie, you make me melt!

Patrick loves pulling off his socks, pulling himself up on anything he can hold on to that will support his weight… or not, and has two bright and shiny new teeth that he’s pretty excited about. His crawl has officially evolved from the army crawl to the full blown up-on-all-fours model and he’ll eat anything. We love him, and he loves everything. Mostly food, though.

But let us not forget, in order to accomplish seven months, he first had to accomplish being six months. Which he did.

6 month B&W

And before any of this… he had to be two months. I’m happy to tell that you I finally caved and just bought a new charger for our camera (since our other one is officially MIA at the moment) and was able to download this gem of history:


Oh little man, I can’t believe how big you are!

You will also notice that we switched it up a little bit and I stood in at 7 months with Baby P, instead of Tim. Because variety is the spice of life.

Now, by the time he’s 10 months I’m sure we’ll get around to taking at least his 8 month photo, if we’re lucky we might squeeze in the 9 month-er for good measure. #lifegoals

Happy Monday!


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