First Day of the Rest of Days

Whelp, I’ve finally crossed that line. The line of no return. The line to end all lines. It’s happened.

And I didn’t cry once.

Sophie went to her first day of kindergarten! My baby bean is officially a school-aged bean and I’m all, “Dude, what just happened?”

Charlotte also had a big day as it was her first day of preschool! She goes to half-day a couple of times a week and Sophie goes to full day, all week kindergarten.


They’re all, “Mom, you’re so embar- oo! Butterfly!”

The morning itself was pretty uneventful. It was a lot less stressful than I thought it was going to be. We picked out the girls’ outfits the night before, Sophie and I planned her lunch for the next day so there was no guess-work, and both girls woke up pretty smoothly at 7:00 AM. I drive them to school so we hauled everyone into the van, drove to school and did the first of many drop-offs. Both girls were excited about school and making new friends so other than customary first day jitters, they did great!

Patrick was pretty indifferent to all the hullabaloo. He was just, “I’m a baby. I’m a baby. I’m a baby.”


And for real, no tears here. Maybe when our last goes to kindergarten? But right now, and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make me a bad parent, I’m just pumped that my mornings are now free. It’s just me and Patrick… sitting back and getting stuff done. Like champions.

The final verdict? They had a fun time! Sophie said that school was, “the best day ever” and Charlotte said that she had a “fabulous time” and it “was speck-tackle-erd”. So, I would call it a major success!

As is the custom with first days of school. One must remember it, and celebrate the little person beginning this new adventure. Happy sailing kiddos. You’re amazing to Mommy!



*Sniff* Charlotte, you’re too much.


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