Patrick: 5 Months

It’s always sad when I realize that:

A. I posted Patrick’s 4 month update only two posts ago


B. I’m always at least a week late with these updates if not more…

I guess I’ll just have a warped sense of Patrick’s size 50 years from now. Honestly though, he’s huge and I feel like I’ll probably always remember THAT part of his baby-hood.

5 month BW

Obviously he’s not in a white onesie this time. I wanted to add just a little bit of interest to the final product (the final set of photos from newborn to one year) so instead of Patrick wearing white and Tim in grey, we went with a grey/black color scheme. I know… I went bold. Big risk, big payoff, right?

At five months, Patrick has started to really crawl (read: wriggle with a little bit of forward motion) and move around. We’ve gotten to the point where I can’t just leave him on his play mat and walk away because I’ll come back to find him in a completely different place than where I left him. The Bumbo too has begun to lose its ease of use as once he’s in it, Patrick works really hard to try to get  out of it. His chubby thighs pretty much lock him in, but man oh man, he still tries to break free. Also, at five months… this kid is outgrowing his size 12 month clothing. So… we’re re-evaluating how we purchase clothes for him in the future as I thought I was pretty safe getting winter-ish stuff for him in size 12m back before he was born… jokes on me… but this chubby toes and baby thighs are pretty delicious so the clothing debacle is well worth it.


Psst- Also, Sophie’s been begging to do the month-to-month photos with Patrick so I let her do a “practice” one:

5 month BW other

I melt.


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