Patrick: 4 Months

It’s about time for a Patrick update! Because the last one was a month ago, even though in blog-time, it was only two posts ago. That says a lot about how much attention the little booger requires.

Four months

For whatever reason, in the last post, Patrick looked HUGE. Now, he looks more “normal” sized. That being said, he’s in the 99th percentile for weight, 95th percentile for height and, his head is off the charts (but don’t tell him that, it just means there’s more square footage to give lots of kisses… if you miss it’s pretty embarrassing).

This little man is rolling from his back to his tummy, and vise-versa, he’s blowing slobber bubbles like it’s his job, he’s started “singing” himself to sleep and is becoming increasingly more interested in the food the rest of the family is eating (we’ll start introducing solids at 6 months). He’s still not sleeping through the night, but we co-sleep so it’s not a huge deal. We have a system down. We’re making it work. He also likes to wake-up at promptly 5:30AM every morning and play. This is both annoying and awesome. Annoying because I. DON’T. DO. MORNINGS. But it’s awesome because I’ve started up running again since I’m, ya know, up anyways… looking at you little buddy. So we’ve definitely got a rhythm of life down, but I wouldn’t complain if we pushed wake-up to 6:30AM instead. *Hint hint*

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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