Patrick: 3 Months

Our baby boy is getting so big! Here’s the part where I gush about him and his chubby little self.

Gush. Gush. Gush.

3 month_BW
This chunky little man is smiling and giggling up a storm. He’s at that awkward phase where he hates being swaddled… but he really loves it. Actually, he hates it… and it goes on. Let’s just say Mama and baby aren’t getting nearly as much sleep at night as they used to but we’re working on it.

He’s pretty close to sitting up on his own, and loves being in the Bumbo and his exer-saucer (is that how you spell that??). He thinks Sophie tells the best jokes and Charlotte’s hair is super fascinating.Loving every minute of this crazy household we have!

And, because I’m a mom and I can’t help myself, here’s some outtakes from the photo shoot.

3 month_outake2

“Ceiling fans are hilarious”

3 month_outake1

“Don’t look at me”


Psst… okay, so I totally dropped the ball on the two month photo. I took the picture and then my camera died. Diligently I went to get the charger, only to find I have no idea where it went. Probably in a box somewhere. To be continued…


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