The Dust is Settling

I’m finding time to blog! Boom! Super mom.

I was able to get quick snapshots of our home before everything started being moved in but I’ve temporarily misplaced those photos so today is going to be a bunch of pictures of my kids. Because I can and who doesn’t love pictures of squishy newborns? That was a rhetorical question.


I promised I would share Patrick’s birth story and on his one month birthday (plus one day) I thought it would be fun to relive his birth  with all of you. Maybe not in all the nitty gritty details, because ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s still a little weird to think that we’re now a family of five! We recently purchased our awesome minivan (can’t believe I used “awesome” and “minivan” in the same sentence) to accommodate all of us. Going from a Prius to a minivan kind of makes me feel like I driving a giant boat down the middle of the road. But this boat comes with heated seats and a DVD player for trips so I’ll take it! We’re pretty blessed with these three kiddos, and we wouldn’t change anything.

photo 2

Patrick was actually due on March 15th, however as we got closer and closer to his due date I began to worry about the timing of everything. Both of my girls were one and half/two weeks late, which put us solidly at moving weekend. If there’s one thing that’s not on my bucket list, it’s have a baby when you’re supposed to be traveling to your new home in a new state. So, after a lot of discussion between Tim and myself, and my doctor, we decided it would probably be best if they set me up to be induced the weekend he was due. I know there a lot of people out there who are against ousting a baby before they’re ready, but we put a lot of thought into our decision and decided this was the best option. I wanted time to heal. I wanted our baby boy to have time to acclimate a bit to being outside the womb before we threw him in a car seat and moved him a couple of hours away from the home he was used to etc. We also wanted the girls to get used to the idea of baby brother before we uprooted them to a new house.

There were a lot of factors that went into our decision, and we weighed all the pros and cons very carefully.


So at my doctor’s appointment on Thursday (the 12th), my doctor set up the appointment for induction the following day but she warned me that because it wasn’t a medically necessary induction that it might take a couple of days before they were actually able to admit me.

On Friday, March 13th (I know, right?) I called in at 6:00am to ask if they’d be able to uphold the appointment and the nurse on the line said, “Oh sure, come on in!” Ok then.

We then dropped the girls off at my mom’s house, and headed to the hospital. My plan was no medication, just break my water and let’s see what happens. Yep, that’s how I plan things. Very vague. I didn’t want pitocin, and I wanted to try going without any kind of pain medication as I had with the girls. I’m not against pain medication at all, but I generally don’t need it until the very end of labor, and at that point it’s always too late and not necessary because baby comes very quickly after it becomes “too much”.


So, they broke my water at 8:00am and then… nothing. A lot of walking happened. A lot of looking at all the cute baby gifts you could buy… I realized I didn’t have a nursing cover, put that on my list of things to still get… but not a whole lot of labor happened.

Here’s the deal with pregnancy, and everyone tells you this but you kind of shrug and say, “Yeah ok”: every pregnancy is different. Every labor is different. With Sophie they broke my water and she came an hour later. With Charlotte they broke my water (it always needs a little bit of help) and she was born four hours later. So when three hours had gone by and my contractions were very irregular and I was still up moving around and totally fine, I started to get a bit discouraged. The nurse suggested we try pitocin to get my contractions to regulate and really start to work but I was like no, maybe in an hour. I was worried that pitocin would be too much intense-ness in too short a time and I wouldn’t be able to continue to control my breathing and manage them well. So we walked so more, and then just decided it was movie watching time. And by movie I mean HGTV, because I can’t help myself I just love a good DIY.

photo 3

Around noon Tim got some lunch, and I got a couple of saltines to “refuel”. They would have let me have more but I was beginning to feel like we were actually making progress and I have this ridiculous fear of pooping while trying to birth a baby. So I did a saltine instead of real food. Always do the real food. When 2 o’clock rolled around, my contractions were beginning to come on hard and strong and I finally caved and asked for an epidural. Like I said, I’m not above pain medication.

However, the epidural never happened, because an hour later it was time to start pushing. After about three minutes of pushing, Patrick David was born at 3:13pm on 3/13/15. Wish we’d had a four leaf clover or something too just to round out all the luck that was happening this day. Is it too late to walk under a ladder? Quick! Someone drop a mirror!


At 7 hours of labor, that makes him my longest labor yet. Maybe after four pregnancies, my body is just more apt to take it’s sweet time. I’m just glad there was a doctor and nurse in the room when it was time to push because with Charlotte, we weren’t so lucky. Tim had to yell for the nurse as I started push (seriously, there’s no controlling it) and the nurse caught our girl. So having a team there was really nice. After having gone all morning and a good portion of the afternoon without decent food though, I was really exhausted and extremely hungry!

Patrick was 8lbs 15 oz and 22 inches long. He had black fuzzy hair and dark grey eyes, and was absolutely perfect. We were already so much in love with him, and having him finally here to hold and snuggle was beyond amazing. I will tell you something though, the nurse and Tim started joking about having number 4, and after having just pushed out this 9 pound kid, I was having none of it. Too soon, kids, too soon.

photo 1

We spent two nights in the hospital recovering. I feel like I recovered really quickly this time around, which is great because we were set to move two weeks later! Time is just flying for us right now.

image 8

The girls love him, most days. We threw a lot of changes at them within a really short period and they’ve been doing great with everything. Patrick sleeps like a champion right now, waking probably three times a night. A rested mommy and baby means a much more calm household around here.

At one month out now, we’re settling in to our house really well. Tim is enjoying his new job, which is awesome, and the girls are exploring their new surroundings and finally starting to call Patrick by his name, instead of “baby” like they did when he was in the womb. The random tantrums are beginning to dissipate and I think in general we’re all starting to get comfortable with the new rhythm of our new lives.


I will be doing month to month photos for Patrick like I did with Sophie and Charlotte too. I’ve got his birth photo done, but haven’t had a chance take a one month picture yet, I’ll update when I do. It’s gonna be a good one! I’m trying to decide if I want to do a second set of month-to-months with all three kiddos, hmmm… things to think about. Thoughts?

Thank you for all your prayers and love as we’ve made all these transitions in our lives. We have felt the support from young and it has helped tremendously. So thank you, thank you, thank you!



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