30 Days and Counting

You guys are awesome. Thank you for all the encouragement and love you’ve showered on us during our time of transition! We love you all!

So we’ve got a couple of big events running at us full throttle.

#1 Baby boy is due in about two weeks, so we’re patiently (read: extremely UNpatiently… why does the last month of pregnancy always feel like a million years long??) awaiting his arrival into this world. With my babies being notoriously late, I’m hoping this guy shows his sisters how it’s done and comes sooner rather than later. Come on, baby! Mom and Dad want to meet you!


#2 Our house is going up on the market in about one week, so we’re painting, purging, cleaning, and trying to simultaneously enjoy the last couple of weeks we’re spending in this amazing house. We’re sad to be leaving it. We never thought we’d only live in this house for a short one and a half years. It feels so bittersweet to be putting it up on the market, but we feel incredibly blessed by this new adventure so we’re taking it in stride.


#3 We are going to be moving to SD in one month. One. Month. So on top of, you know, having a baby, cleaning our house within an inch of it’s life, and generally trying to pack and prepare ourselves for the move, we actually have to MOVE. Yikes!

The good news is, over the weekend we made an offer on a house and it was accepted! So, barring any unforeseen issues, we’ve got our future home picked out.

The interesting part? It’s a new construction home! Yep, we’re leaving our charming, loved, old home for a completely new, never-been-lived-in house.

Layout- Front

Whomp, whomp.

Alright, so right now it’s kind of looking a little… unfinished, but by the time we move in a month from now, we should have a pretty close-to-finished home. I love the red exterior. It’s really fun in person, it just kind of looks dingy in this picture.

The one thing about this new construction home is that since everything is brand new, there won’t be a lot of the “work” that we’ve had to do with our first home, which is probably a good thing since we’ll be balancing a new job for Tim, as well as our new bitty family member. That being said, there’s a whole unfinished basement we hope to tackle while we’re there to make room for guests that might come out, as well as adding an office/craft room (CRAFT ROOM!!!) and other items. It also means we have a whole outside of our home that will need landscaping which might be something fun for us to explore. I might even go crazy and plant a fruit tree. Does fruit grow in South Dakota? (Just kidding)

Layout- Kitchen

Look! Open concept! Also the appliances haven’t been picked out yet (sorry about the photo quality, we forgot to take pictures). This kitchen overlooks the dining and living rooms which is awesome. It’s a great gathering space. Our house now is pretty open for its age, but the kitchen is still very segregated from the rest of the living space on the first floor, so I’m really excited for everything to be together like this.

Layout- Dining Room

They’ll be building a deck out that back which is exciting! The house is painted completely tan, which is something I’m dealing with. For those who know about my obsession with grey and white… this tan and mahogany combo is going to be a challenge for me. The house is beautiful though, even if you can’t tell from the photos, so we feel incredibly blessed we were able to find it. Tim said I could paint the basement grey. I’ll take it.

Also, did I mention it has TWO bathrooms?


I might still fight Tim for the bathroom in the morning, just to uphold tradition. It’ll bring us closer together I think.

More updates to follow.


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