Home Is Where…

We’ve got some pretty exciting news to share, and you all already know I’m pregnant so it’s not that (Baby bean will hopefully be making his appearance in the next couple of weeks!).

In January, Tim went on a pretty amazing snowboarding trip with some friends of his.


And yes, in case you’re wondering, I was completely jealous. However, it was a great vacation for Tim and a break from his pretty intense work schedule, all the natural stress that comes from being a husband and father (although he assures me he was really excited to come back home afterwards), and gave him some time to do something he really loves but normally has very little time to do, snowboarding.

Almost as soon as Tim returned, he received a phone call from his supervisor at work explaining that there was a pretty exciting opportunity opening up if Tim was interested in pursuing it. Of course we were thrilled by the idea that Tim had been considered for this opportunity and a week ago, after three weeks of necessary interviews and conversations with those involved, we received word that Tim had in fact gotten the promotion!

Woo hoo! Go Tim!

The promotion itself is pretty awesome news, but there’s more to it than just that. Part of this new job is relocation. We’re moving!

… to South Dakota.

Okay, so it might be slightly more exciting if we were moving to Hawaii or the Florida Keys or something but this is still really amazing news for us!

So, though we’re completely pumped about this new opportunity for our family, I’ve got pretty mixed feelings about the move itself. First, we’ve got two months to figure out what we’re doing. Second, we’re in the process of deciding whether or not to rent or sell our house. The tables are tipping towards selling but, let’s be honest, we love our house! We had so many plans! It definitely wasn’t our plan to stay in this house forever but being here only a year and half seems like we’re breaking up with it prematurely. It’s like when someone fakes you out of a handshake… you’re all, “oh man!” Thirdly, let’s not forget, our baby boy should be arriving sometime mid-March. There’s a lot of things in motion right now, and it’s got us slightly overwhelmed.

Either way, we’ve begun the task of finishing some of our less extensive projects, and begun researching our options.

photo (5)

Last weekend we also took a trip to our new city and scoped out the area. We found an amazing restaurant that has the most delicious caramel rolls I’ve ever had (and Tim’s basically a caramel roll connoisseur so we consider ourselves pretty good judges of caramel gooeyness), visited the lakes in the area and walked through a couple of potential housing options. We didn’t find “the one” yet, but we’re hoping something comes on the market soon.

For now, we’re taking it a day at a time and hoping we can tie up all the loose ends without going insane.

Also, if you’re in the market for a house in Minneapolis, we might have a pretty amazing one for you to take a look at! Just… give us a week or two to get it spiffed up, first 😉




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