Little House Completed

Holy moly it’s been awhile. We’ve had a lot of various things keeping us busy the last couple of weeks, but I’m hoping I can get an opportunity to update the blog with a couple of items in the next week or so. First, one of the reasons you haven’t heard from us in a while is because… Bum Bum Bum… our computer crashed. Nooooo!

It’s true, one day our computer just died. It was all, “See ya later, suckers” and pooped out, taking our photos, important files and everything else with it. Since then, after a very stern talk from the IT guys, we have now learned the importance of ALWAYS backing up your important information so when you have a Diva computer quit on you, your files are safe and snug. Lesson learned.

Second, and probably most importantly, we’re having a baby BOY!

It's a Boy!!

Yep! The cake frosting doesn’t lie, Team Olson’s about to become a little bit more blue! We are absolutely thrilled with the news, and the girls are pretty pumped to be big sisters (in Charlotte’s case, for the first time) to a little boy. Sophie needed some time to digest the news. She even asked if we could fix the cake and put the pink frosting in so the baby was a girl. It took some time for us to explain that changing the frosting wasn’t going to change the baby’s gender, but we finally accomplished it and she’s excited about a baby brother. Mostly.

Third, and most relevant to the post at hand, remember this doll house we were working on? Well, it’s done! Hooray!

When last we left it, it was looking like this:


All hot and natural. The next steps were painting and decorating. The best steps, in my opinion. So one morning I sat down, cross-legged and went to town on it. I lost all the really amazing (read: mostly boring) pictures taking me from this step, to the house painted and “wallpapered”, which could be a blessing in disguise actually, so we’ll just have to jump to the finished product. Jump!


Phew, if only it was really that easy. The dollhouse itself has two coats of white paint on it, left overs from all the trim in our house, and the wallpaper is craft paper that’s been Mod Podged on. The Mod Podge took me a bit to get used to, and because of that the upper yellow room is a bit crinkled, but it’s not really noticeable so all is well. The little picture in the blue room is just a bitty piece of craft paper on a wooden square chip that’s been taped on… because no room is complete without some artwork? I think I was just getting over-zealous at that point.

Next, we needed some furniture! I used some old gift cards to purchase most of the furniture, so all in all I think the furniture only cost me about $20. Not bad considering all six rooms are completely furnished. You could easily stalk Ebay or Craigslist for furniture and getting a pretty good set for cheap.

Dollhouse II The Bean House

None of the furniture sets came with people, but my girls have a pretty tidy collection of small people and animals so we’ve got no shortage of inhabitants around here, although, all the people are, admittedly, princesses.

Dollhouse II The Bean House

The girls love playing with this house. It’s been done for over a month now (I know, sorry) and it gets used every single day. It’s fun to see how they re-decorate or which animals they bring in to share the space. I could create an entire series entitled “A Day in the Life Of” centering solely on the way the furniture and toys are arranged and it would be pretty humorous. Complete with snarky captions. Obviously.

Dollhouse II The Bean House

You can kind of sort of see the seams on the walls of the blue and yellow room. These rooms were too big for me to just use one sheet of paper on, so I had to use two. The Mod Podge sealed the seams for me and, thus far, there’s been no curling of the ends where one piece of paper ends and the other begins. If it does start to curl, I’ll probably just put another layer of Mod Podge on the back and call it a day. I’m lazy like that.

Dollhouse II The Bean House

So there you have it. All in all, I’m really pleased with the way this turned out. It’s been a great little addition to our play area, and not too expensive. Total we spent $30 on wood supplies, $5 on craft paper, $20 on furniture. You could probably buy a complete dollhouse set on Craigslist for less than $55, but I really appreciate that we got to build this together. Plus, the girls love it, so I’m a happy mama!

What do you guys think? Got any plans to build some DIY gifts for the upcoming holidays? Any advice for a mama to two girls who’s expecting a boy? I may or may not have immediately gone out and bought all the monster jammies I could find for my little guy. Now I just need shoes with trucks on them or something…


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