First there was this one:


And then, sixteen months later, we had this little rascal:


And now, we’re happy to announce, the next little Olson is “scheduled” to make his or her debut in March of 2015!

3 copy

I’m feeling good at 15 weeks, I feel like I’ve gotten through the scary first trimester and now am looking forward to a recession of my morning (read: all-day-every-day) sickness, starting to feel little baby kicks, actually looking pregnant and not just like I devoured the entire box of Fat Lorenzo’s pizza (which actually wouldn’t be far off anyway), and, of course because I have no sense of patience whatsoever, finding out the baby’s gender in a few short weeks.

We’ll keep you posted on all developments “bitty Olson” centered. Meanwhile, anybody have good nicknames for our little guy or gal? We’ve used Bean, we’ve used Bun and Schmoopy, so now we’re in the market for something new… thoughts? Suggestions? Hands up if you think this one’s a boy! (Come on baby, all I want is to buy some sweater vests!)


Although we are very excited about our new baby, we do realize that the last photo should really read “4”. We continue to remember and love our little one lost every day, and the girls know that they have a little brother or sister in heaven with their Grandpa Dave. We want to extend a huge “Thank you” again to all the support, love and encouragement we’ve received as we continue to grow as a family. We feel so incredibly blessed by all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!




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