The Day My Husband Went All “Awesome Pants” and Built a House

And by built a house, I mean a little house. Like, the kind for dolls. But it was pretty impressive, given the fact that I gave him this to start with:


Ha, yep. That’s about all he had to go on.

We knew we wanted to give the girls a doll house. My mom has one at her house and the girls L.O.V.E. it. That thing gets some serious play time when they’re at Nana’s house. We’ve been doing so much work around the house, I thought it might be fun to try and build one for the girls ourselves. You know, with all the extra time we have.

The problem being that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it (of course) and my husband wanted to spend even less money on it than I did. There a some really beautiful dollhouses out there, but they just didn’t fit our budget, or our sense of DIY adventure.

Once we’d decided we were definitely going to build our own doll house, it was time to gather some inspiration. I drew inspiration from a couple of different sites. I couldn’t find the original site for this house, but it’s been circling Pinterest, and pinned it to remember it for later:



I loved the wallpaper, I loved the simplicity and I loved the clean lines. I saw this one and I was all, “Rafters! It must have rafters!” And I read all about this one and was like, “Oh, we got this. We definitely got this.” So that’s when I drew up my little plan on my sketch board and walked over to my husband and was all, “Hey honey, watcha doin?”


And like a champion, he was like, “Umm… probably building a doll house?”

Love him.

So off to Home Depot we went! We bought just your standard 1×8″ boards, enough for all the sides, and to double up on the base. We also bought some thin plywood sheets for the back of the house. We had wood glue, nails and screws at home already. As a whole, we left the Depot with $30 less in our pockets and lots and lots of building materials in the trunk of our car.


So Tim got to work, and I took pictures in between a rowdy game of “Let’s-See-How-Many-Pictures-We-Can-Draw-On-The-Sidewalk” with my two main side-kicks. The girls are scared of the noise the saw and nail gun make so we were up front while he went to town in the driveway in the backyard. Most of him building this was really well-placed guess-work and I love the fact that despite never having built something like this before, he was able to figure it out.


Once the base was completed, it was time for things to dry, and for little girls to come check out the progress. After the base had time to set, Tim attached the roof. And over the course of about 24 hours (drying time included) we had ourselves a doll house. A doll house that definitely needs some painting and decorating! Step 2 to begin shortly!



So exciting!




What did you guys do over the weekend? Build anything fun? Get a tan? Get a sunburn? Plant a garden? Eat out to dinner because you know the garden thing is never going to happen?


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