Appreciating Family

I figured since the last post I wrote was all about how me and life were no longer on speaking terms, it’d be good to follow-up with a post that celebrates that beauty that life has to offer.

Before I do, however, I would just like to send out a giant bear hug and “thank you” for all of the support and love that has been extended to us the last couple of weeks. In this age dominated by “social media” I think we often, ironically, end up feeling really alone. It’s been amazing to have an entire community of people come out through the wood work and share their own stories of loss and hope. What a great testament to the beauty and strength of women, and the sisterhood we share together and with others. You all have been absolutely wonderful, and have made my family and I feel like this is not something we have to do alone. So from the deepest, most bottom part of my heart, “Thank you”.

For those of you that live in Minneapolis, you know all about the Sculpture Garden, or as I called it until I was probably 19 years old, “The Cherry and the Spoon”. As soon as we had a break in the nasty Minnesota weather, we scooped up our little bambinos and headed there for a little fun.


See that man with the kids? Yeah, he’s mine.

The girls loved finally being able to be outside and play, and I loved being able to spend time appreciating the time we have together as family, and the amazing city we live in! People often ask us we chose to buy a house in the city and not in a suburb, and this is one of the reasons. We have all kinds of great activities right outside our doorstep. And by that I mean, a mile or two away.



Also, on Thursdays, the Walker Art Museum is free thanks to Target, so if you’re in the area, definitely take advantage of that. We were in there for all of about five minutes before Charlotte tried to put her cute little greasy hands all over one of the paintings on exhibit, so we figured we should probably leave the non-touchable artwork to be admired by others and bring the girls somewhere it wasn’t as easy to destroy things.


See? Standing on a sculpture and no one even cares! I have vague memories of taking prom pictures here once… or formal dance pictures… or something with pictures and lots of giggling teenagers. Happy to carry on the tradition.



So that’s what we’ve been up to. We’re just spending some time together as a family, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! I’ve got a post in the works all about a birthday present we made for Sophie as well as a post all about the day our three-year old turn four, so stay tuned for that. It’s pretty awesome.

What all have you been up to? Enjoying the weather like a champ? Is Charlotte’s hair ever going to grow longer? Probably not since her older sister has cut it twice already…





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