Expecting Baby

We’ve got some wonderful news to share! Our family is expecting a new addition at the end of  October!


Aww look at those baby shoes!

I’ve been feeling pretty down and out the last couple of weeks, but as we enter the second trimester, I’ve definitely started to feel better. Huzzah! I’m sure the amazing weather the last couple of days has contributed as well. Everybody ready for 70 degrees on Wednesday?!

So we’ll keep you posted on how this baby bun progresses. We’ll be finding out whether we’re adding a he-baby or a she-baby in June (so exciting!) and I’m counting down the days already! We’ve got lots of preparation to get underway before baby comes which I’m happy to over-share the whole way through!

Meanwhile Sophie and Charlotte have both decided they too have babies in their tummies. Sophie has named hers “Lisa”. Charlotte hasn’t given hers a name, but whenever someone asks her if she’s excited about a new baby brother or sister, she promptly lifts up her shirt and pats her tummy saying, “There’s a baby in there.” We’re excited to include them in all things baby-prep and get them ready for the new addition. Stay tuned!




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