Black and White and Pretty Darn Attractive

I could have titled it “Dark Walnut and White and Pretty Darn Attractive” and though it would have been more accurate, it’s definitely not as catchy.

I digress.

Remember way back when, we painted/stained the stairs… and then all confidently I was like, “We’ll talk about the banister later this week”?

So it’s been more than a week, but I’m finally getting around to showing you pictures of the pretty amaze-balls banister my husband built! But let’s talk about where we left off.

First Coat White

So this is pretty much where we left off. Bannister was out, stair steps were stained and the rest was painted white. It took us about two coats of primer, and three coats of white paint, but we finally got it looking nice and bright, and all one uniform color. I’ll be honest, I was really frustrated when the second coat of paint went on and you could still see the brush strokes in the paint. But lo and behold, three was the magic number because it looking great after the third coat.

So Tim, in a moment of inspiration. Put the end post and hand rail in. We’re lucky because Tim’s dad used to build houses as a profession and was able to help Tim build the handrail to code.


I came home from work and this is what I saw. I was amazed! Tim has one day off during the week normally and he uses it as his “project” day when he can. This was an awesome surprise to come home to. You like those practice paint swatches around the window? They didn’t stay. We went with a different color. A lighter color.


Tim was a rock star measuring, cutting pieces, attached spindles for the better part of about 8 hours. Here’s how it normally works in our house, of course there are always exceptions to the rule: Tim does all the sawing, cutting, and stuff I have no idea how to do and I do all the dreaming, scheming and most of the quick projects. Tim and I, of course, talk together about the direction we want the house to go in, and for every one project I actually do successfully, there’s at least five that I try/think about doing but never really bring it full circle.


I was like a bug drawn to a flame during this process. I kept walking over to just touch them. Whisper sweet nothings to them.


We bout the spindles, hand rail, and thick post at the bottom of the steps at a local building supply warehouse. We couldn’t believe the deal we got. This whole system only set us back about $140. There’s a couple of touch ups that need to be done, but other than that, we’re really really pleased with it.


The best part (other than being generally giddy with excitement about how beautiful it looks) is that Charlotte can’t push herself through the spindles anymore. No more stair jumping for that one. Which is good because she almost gave me a heart when I saw her doing it through the wrought iron banister.


I love the white. I love the dark wood. I love the soft grey-blue of the walls. It’s so classic but still really fresh looking.


You can see how old these photos are, there’s a stocking and some garland waiting for the banister to be done so it can be hung open on the rail. Here’s our little pile of spindles just waiting to be used. Some of them ended up being too short, so we sold a bunch on craigslist and called it a night.

What an amazing transformation! We went from this:

Stairs I The Bean House

To this beauty:

Stairs I The Bean House


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