Heart Clip: A Tutorial

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re spending the day hanging out with family, but I wanted to drop by and share this super fun, super easy craft for the little ones in your life. Grand total it took me twenty minutes to make two of these and I love them!


I had all of the supplies on hand, so this was a big F.R.E.E. project, but if you don’t have the items, it’ll probably set you back about $10 (unless you don’t have a hot glue gun at which point price will vary)



  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Extra Glue tubes
  3. Embroidery Thread
  4. Sewing Needle
  5. Felt (cut into 2 heart, and a small rectangle)
  6. Clip
  7. Bit o’ Fluff
  8. Red sewing thread


Place the two hearts together, one on top of the other. Starting on one flat edge, begin your choice of embroidering stitch. If you’ve never done embroidery before, my suggestion is to search YouTube and find the one that works best for you. I learned this guy while making a mobile for my (brand new!!) nephew and it was super easy. So now I’m hooked.


Once you only have the point left to stitch, put a tiny bit of stuffing inside your hearts. You want enough so the hearts not flat, but not too much otherwise it’ll be difficult to finish the stitching. You just want a little bit of lift. Then finish the edge, and tie it off, hiding any stray strands.


Next, plug-in your glue gun so it warms up. Then gather up your needle (this time threading some standard sewing thread, your small rectangle, your finished heart, and hair clip.


The first thing I did was put a little glue on the thick flat end of the clip and pressed it on the heart. This was just to hold it semi-still when I attached the heart to the clip via the thread. Loop your thread through the bottom layer of the heart and around the clip a couple of times just to secure it. The worst part about some homemade clips is when the embellishment detaches from the clip because the hot glue decided not to hold on because of the abuse it takes from little hands (ahem Sophie).


Now measure and cut your rectangle to the size you want. Put hot glue onto one side of the rectangle and press it down onto the heart, straddling one of the clip prongs. That was hard to describe… see picture. Obviously you don’t want to glue the rectangle over the entire clip or you won’t be able to open it… again, see picture.


Let it dry and boom! A lovely little heart clip. Then, wait for children to get up from their nap and put that clip to use. As of now, I think Valentine’s Day is Sophie’s favorite holiday. An entire day completed devoted to the colors pink and red. Walking through Target was really amazing for her the last couple of days.


Awww. She’s so silly. Charlotte got one too… but she’s still sleeping. You know how it is.

Ok one more.


Fishy face! Also, you know the song that sings “I like to move it, move it” from the movie Madagascar? Well Sophie was feeling inspired and began sing lyrics such as:

“I like the chocolate, chocolate.”

“I like the candy, candy.”

“You took my chocolate, chocolate”

“Where is my Charlotte, Charlotte?”

Clearly we need to talk to her about what Valentine’s Day is really about. Oh well.




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