You guys, this picture popped up on Pinterest and I had to explore. And sure enough, it was legit. This is actually something that is happening.


Overalls. Overalls that you can purchase for a measly $330.00 (!).

And I’m all, is overalls happening right now??

This is the same feeling I had when I found bling studded fanny packs at Target.

I admittedly have looked at overalls for the girls (because little kids can pull off clothing like a boss) but would never, not in a million years, wear them myself for fear of my butt looking like it’s own planet in them. I do recall wearing them in elementary school and feeling like I had it made. However, this size 00 model is making them look pretty darn comfy-chic.

So what are your thoughts? Are overalls okay? Remember how we all made fun of mom-jeans and then this past summer everyone wore mom-jean shorts with sports bras and called it chic? Yeah, that definitely happened.


6 thoughts on “What?

  1. Would it shock you at all to know my mother has and still wears her purple denim overalls?? Just say NO! to overalls on adults!!

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