Mocha Magnificence

Phew! Found my camera cord! (Do you hear the angels singing in the background?) We have been working like crazy little DIY maniacs and I can’t believe how far we’ve fallen behind!

So let’s try and catch up, shall we?

Let’s talk about flooring. I mentioned when we first bought the house that we had ripped up the carpet the day we got the keys, with every intention of redoing the floors before we moved in. Whelp, we did, indeed, re-finish the floors and we love love love them! After about 32 hours of laying new hardwoods, sanding, staining, and sealing, we have lovely new hardwoods and sometimes forget that they were once covered by orange shag.

But let’s recap.

Floors being layed

The first thing that needed to happen was to lay some new hardwood in areas where there was mysteriously none. The front of the house used to be a porch, that was later converted into part of the living room so we knew why there was only plywood under the carpet. In other spots… we were less certain…

Hallway first

Hmmm… Yeah… I got nothing.

So Tim (along with a couple of helpers) started patching.

Main Patch

Main in progress

Mmmm. Patched. And before ya’ll ask, we thought about getting this all professionally done. We loved the idea of getting a seamless, smooth look that can really only be delivered by the professionals. But the difference in cost was a couple thousands dollars (!!). After fainting when we heard some of the quotes, we decided to tackle the project ourselves and hope for the best.

After finding planks that were similar in size to the wood already laid, we went ahead (whilst crossing our fingers) and began laying the floors and are very pleased with the results.

After all the new hardwood was laid, it was time to sand…


And sand…

Sanded Floor

And sand some more.

Hallway in progress

Did I mention it took 32 hours to do everything? We’ve got almost 1300 square feet of hardwood floors. It was a process. Hubs is a rock star.

But once all the sanding was done, we rejoiced!

Gratuitous Child Picture
Gratuitous Child Picture

Because it was time for the staining!



Words cannot describe how amazing it was to watch this happen. It was quite a process (ask Tim, he’ll tell you because I definitely did none of it) but it was


Stain Close-up

And the shift between new and old hardwoods? Hardly noticeable. You can definitely see it if you look, but I’m happy to report that I don’t even see the transition anymore. It’s awesome. We’re sure that if we had gotten professionals to do it, it would have been a lot less tedious and would look more… well, professional. But the knicks and odd-spots are what make us truly appreciative of the fact that this is our home, and we’re putting the love into it that it deserves.

Stained Main with Trim

And yes, we are putting trim up! You can also see the lovely paint color in the living room. So much updating is needed!

Stained Main

It’s hard to believe it all looked like this before:

Living Room

We’ll talk stairs tomorrow!






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