Peeling Back the Layers

Before we begin, you’ll have to pardon the picture quality. The battery of the camera was dying and I was all, “Take all the pictures! Get the pictures taken!” Then dead. Better photos to come (I’m sure).

So. When last we met. I was complaining something terrible about the shall-not-be-named bane of my DIY-self’s existence (ahem wallpaper).

But don’t worry! We’ve almost completely gotten rid of it. All except this bit:


Yep, that’s the last of it. Oh wait, except for this stuff:


That stuff’s staying. Because I said so. And, okay, there is still wallpaper (that word is almost as gross to me as “moist” at this point. True story) in the kitchen. But I’m chosing to ignore it right now. If I don’t think it’s there, it’s not actually there. AmIRight?

Anyway, the wallpaper is (almost) completely gone which meant it was time to start the sanding, patching, sanding again, priming, painting, drinking process. (For those of you don’t appreciate alcohol jokes, I apologize, but sometimes they just need to be made).

And I’ll save you all the grueling details on this less-than-glamorous process but if you fast-forward through all those steps, you get painted rooms! Rooms that look like they’re actually meant to be lived in! Rooms that you feel you could stick some furniture in and LIVE in them. Granted, we could have lived in them when we bought the house, but I’m really glad we took the time to destroy, and re-do the rooms now, and not later when we’re trying to work around all of our furniture etc.

This is where we started in the office/nursery room:


This wallpaper was six layers thick in the center. There were also two added layers up top due to bordering details. This is how it was looking last time we checked in:


Rough. This room was the fastest room the tackle at around 6 hours of removal with the steamer. Here’s how it’s looking now:


I know! I know! Terrible photos! I’m sorry!


Words can’t even express how amazing it is to have these walls done. They’re painted in Sherwin-Williams’ Crushed Ice and I love love love it. It’s a really soft beigey-grey. And it makes this small, awkward space look bigger and brighter, and don’t I just love a bigger/brighter ending to a wallpaper (gross) story? I do. I do love it.


The girls’ room looked like this when we started:


And last time we checked in, was looking a little something like this:


Mmm. Ladder in there for artsy-effect.

Even though we’re not done yet, here’s how the girls’ room is looking now:


It’s primed and ready for paint! It took us around 7 hours in here to remove all the wallpaper, I’m not really sure why it took longer? It’s just slightly larger, so I suppose that could account for the extra hour. But it’s looking great, now!

We’ve gone out and picked the colors. White. I know, revolutionary. But there will be a little bit of color in there too, although Sophie says we need to “make it a surprise” so I can’t tell you what we’re planning. Although you can get some good hints from this post of yore.

Ahh! We’re getting so close!

We just need to finish painting. Sand, stain, and seal the hardwoods. Do a tiny little bit of work on the basement (tiny tiny) and then… MOVING DAY!

Want to see something awesome?


I was so excited about the living room color, I may or may  not have started that part already.  This picture does not do it justice. Mmm. So happy.

So that’s where we are at right now! We’re getting so close!




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