There’s something about a big gigantic bar greeting you as you walk in the front door of your home.
The Bar

But then there is also something to having a big open space where you walk in and you’re like, woah, check out all the places I could throw the stuff I’m carrying. So we had a decision to make… cabinet of liquor and wine glasses greeting us as we walked in, or demo job and scheme about what to do after it was cleared out.

Let’s just say it was a short conversation.



So a couple of things about this picture. Number one, the bar is gone! Again, I wasn’t there for this project, but Tim said they just “cut it out”. Whatever the heck that means. I’m assuming they used the saw that’s laying on the ground.

Number two, the trim is in the middle of being painted white! You can see that in a couple of the pictures, and it looks awesome. I’m really happy with it.


Mmmm, white… although from the outside it kind of looks like the scene in ET where all the scientist in full body suits seal off their house using plastic and long tubing.

In all honesty, we did talk about leaving the bar. We thought of ways we could make it a little less… in your face like adding a butcher block top and making it open storage for games etc. We talked about painting it a lighter color, we talked about painting a bold color, we talked and talked about lots of options, but in the end, we decided that it just wasn’t fitting our needs.

And now that it’s out, I’m almost completely in love with the cherub lighting that is hanging above the emptiness that was the bar.


I mean I don’t think I’m sold or anything on them yet, but without all the darkness around them, they’re pretty charming. Does that make me weird? Can anyone else appreciate a chubby baby riding what appears to be a fishy-dragon-thing sitting atop a flickering honeycombed light fixture?


Whether you appreciate them or not, I’m definitely not in any hurry to remove them as of now. It’ll be a fun side project later. And the fact that when you turn the lights on, they flicker dimly, makes them pretty darn perfect for Halloween in two days.

So now that we’ve created a substantial amount of rubble and open space, the next question is probably, what are we going to do with that space?

We’re thinking we’ll build a half wall between the pillars, actually. The beam on the right is structural so even though I’m all for having a completely open floor plan, taking that sucker out would be expensive and probably not worth it in the long run. So we’re pretty set on building a small half wall between the two beams and then creating a bench and shoe-storage system for our guests and ourselves as we come through the front door.

Something similar to this picture.


I mean really, this picture had me at the small Hello Kitty rain boots.

But we are really into the idea of having an entrance space where we can store shoes and have somewhere for people to sit and put on said shoes comfortably.

What do you all think? Would you just leave the space open and just have a standing beam? Are you missing the idea of that big bar? Are you totally jealous of the chubby angel-babies hanging from those light fixtures? Are you as overwhelmed by this whole process as I am, because I just want some hardwoods already!



5 thoughts on “Busted.

  1. I think the little cherubs are kind of cute! Maybe not right-when-you-walk-in-the-door cute, but kind of charming. Good idea with the entryway bench etc, too. As long as the wine appears at some point after you walk in, it’s all good 😉

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