Down Boy!

Here’s the thing about paneling…

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with paneling. Sometimes people can do some pretty amazing things with old paneling. Painting is a short and sweet way to make some pretty nasty panels look like an intentional million-dollar decision. Exhibit A:

Paneling photo

I mean, that is some pretty spectacular paneling. But sometimes, you just have to say, “no”. Or in our case, you need to say, “Mmm I’m not sure about it”.

Our massive living room also had a massive paneling problem. Even after removing the carpet, we were unsure how we felt about it.


On the one hand, we thought the quick and easy way to fix the paneling would be to simply paint it. Since we’re thinking about doing a light grey paint color in the living room (spoiler) we thought the paneling would look great white… but we were still on the fence about it because that would mean painting ALL the trim white. The window trim. The door framing trim. Basically everything would need to be painted white. I was okay with that aesthetically, but the task seemed daunting to us.

Paint Samples

So Tim and I talked and we basically left it at, “Well, it might be nice to take it all down, as long as it doesn’t take the plaster walls down with it.”

Then we left the house and went home.

The next morning, Tim and his dad went to the house to see to some small projects while I waited for the girls to wake up. Tim got home around eleven or so, and I was excited to hear about the progress they had made.

He went on about the plan for the hardwoods, a bathroom additions (which has since been put on the back-burner… we’ll stick to one bathroom for now) and such. And then said, “Oh and the paneling is gone”.


“Yeah, it was really easy to remove so we just took it off.”

Superstar! And then the problem was solved.


Even though it’s not very pretty right now, with a little patching and some sanding, I’m really excited to have a blank slate to work with. We also removed all the window treatements, so with the rug up, the paneling down, and no window treatments to block the light, it feels like a much larger, brighter space than we started with!


Photo bomb Tim and bestie Aubrey!

Obviously I wasn’t there when it all came went down, but Tim said they just popped it off with a crowbar. Simple as pie. My biggest fear about removing the paneling was that the plaster walls would crumble underneath it, but nope. There was the tiniest bit of breakage in some areas, but the vast majority came on smoothe and clean.


Once we’ve sanded and filled in nail holes and some minor blemishes, painting will be super easy since we are planing on adding trim to the floor and ceiling. It’ll just be me, a paint bucket and a roller, no cutting-in necessary!

As far as trim and flooring goes, I’ll keep you posted as we figure that stuff out.

Have any of you had paneling and decided to keep it? Did you paint it? Or did you just love the deep wood tones it brought to the room? Isn’t my husband so dapper in his tennis shoes and hoodie sweatshirt?



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