Signed. Owned!


Yes sirs and ladies, last week we closed on our very first house! It’s ours to love and cherish and make bad designer decisions in that we immediately regret! Can I get a huzzah?!


Truth be told I was so excited to get into the house that I have not yet snapped a picture of the front. So I’m using the original picture from the listing… new picture to follow, I promise.

We closed on the house Thursday, and were able to meet the lovely lady who owned the house after her mother passed. You know, the one who wrote this note that made me cry? She was so charming in person. And then we got to the house and found a bunch of these…


Notes that give us small details about the ins and outs of our house! Not only that, we were also greeted to a bottle of champagne and crayons and coloring books for the girls! I mean, seriously? This has been the most amazing first house experience. We feel so incredibly blessed to be where we are right now. I love it to pieces. Which is good because Thursday night, after cheers-ing to our new home ownership we got all gutsy and took this room:

Living Room

And did this to it:


Yeah… that might have happened. So while the girls just sort of stared at us over their coloring books and wondered why the heck we were “ruining” our new house… We were all punch-drunk giddy about the fact that the hard wood under the carpet? It was actually pretty marvelous looking!


It might not looking marvelous, but just pretend with us, okay? Once all the glue and random dirt have been lifted from the surface, it’s in pretty spectacular shape. We’re still planning on sanding it all down and refinishing it though.

We knew from the get-go that the front porch would need to have all-new flooring laid down. The front was originally a three season that was later updated into an addition of the whole living room. Knowing this, we were slightly worried that the hardwood in the main area would be difficult to match. We’re happy to report that it’s nice wide flooring and should be pretty “easy” to match. We’re crossing our fingers real good.


It’s amazing how ripping the carpet out made the whole space feel bigger and brighter. Although sometimes I miss that big ol’ orange shaggy guy.

That’s not true.

Also, in case you’re wondering, the delicious wallpaper in the dining room? It’s staying. The valances? They’re not.


Here’s the other end of the living room. That bar’s days are numbered. Want a close up of the old carpet?


Boom! Orange, yellow and green and about an inch and a half thick. Except the stairs don’t look like this anymore either. The stairs look like this:


We’ve already got the banister we’re replacing this metal one with and we’re hoping it’ll bring the house back to its pre-70s state. We even contemplated keep the banister and just spray painting it. But then Charlotte shoved her whole body between the rungs of the banister and almost toppled off the other side and we immediately changed our mind.

Up the stairs you have the hallway that leads to the three bedrooms and bathroom at the end of the hallway.


Yes, that is a giant piece of plywood in the middle of the hallway. Surprise! We’re working on it…

So we have room one:


Clearly I was in a hurry to start ripping down wallpaper (more on that later).

Room two:


Yes there is wallpaper on the ceiling in every room. Don’t you even worry about it.

Room three:


Sometimes I toy with the idea of leaving that super fun floral wallpaper… but then I decide that it too needs to go. This room actually has his and her closets (you can see the “her” in this picture, the “his” is directly opposite) and a staircase up to the attic area! So far, we haven’t touched that space, and we don’t really plan to anytime in the near future. But perhaps in two or three years we’ll lift our eyes up and decide darn it all, that space has purpose! Right now it’ll serve very nicely as storage.

And now to the gem of the upstairs, the bathroom!


Despite the outdated finishes… well the outdated everything, the bathroom is completely charming and in really good condition. The vanity is extremely low, it comes to just above my knees, and the gold in the toilet matches the…


gold in the bathtub. Of course, just like everything else in the house, we have lots of plans for the bathroom, but for now, it’s growing on me just the way it is! Everything from the globe hanging lights to the star bursts in the tile scream “home” to me. Plus, it’s actually kind of convenient that the girls don’t need a stool to wash their hands. Silver lining, people.

The bi-fold door on the other hand… that needs to go.

So we obviously have lots (and lots and lots and lots) to do, but we’re so in love with our little piece of real estate! We’re hoping to move in two weekends from now, but that might change. Two weeks might be a little too ambitious. We’ll see though!



5 thoughts on “Signed. Owned!

    1. I will definitely take you up on that! Wallpaper’s being a bit of a Diva. It’s all hands on deck for the removal 🙂

      Plus, it’s nice to have another set of eyes when talking about paint colors etc.

      I will text you!

  1. I just read this whole post and can literally hear your voice narrating the house to me! Haha!! I love it. You guys are going to make it so awesome. Can’t wait to see all of your updates!!!

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