Charlotte Turns 2

Our littlest dumpling turned two this past weekend! I know everybody always says this about their children, but time flies so fast. I can’t believe my rosy cheeked baby is now a running, jumping, talking two-year old.


Because of Sophie’s birthday-picture disaster, I made sure that someone was on camera duty at all times so we didn’t end up with only a few really poor quality shots on the camera phone. Instagram can only do so much for us.


Along with The Little Mermaid movie and a raincoat (that we used later in the day) we made Charlotte a little bed for her favorite stuffed animal, Fefe. I got the idea from this amazing lady and ran with it. I had been trying for days to make a cloth-doll for Charlotte, and it just wasn’t turning out. I mean, it REALLY wasn’t turning out. Apparently dolls aren’t my thing.  When I saw this baby basket on MADE, I knew we had to do it for Charlotte. She loved it so much she even wanted to bring it with her to the orchard for her party. That’s a win for Mom and Dad.


We’re pretty sure Fefe was happy too. Sophie also put in her own order for a baby basket. She said she needs one for her puppy to “be warm and snuggly”. I guess puppy can have one too.


As mentioned, this year we decided to go to an orchard for Charlotte’s party and pick some apples, drink some apple cider, and all around have a relaxed, good time.

Well, if only Mother Nature had gotten the memo. It was cold and drizzly most of the day! We still ended up having a wonderful time, but not without a few shivers, and really cold, wet feet. Let’s just say we have the most AMAZING family and friends for braving the elements and coming out to celebrate with us.


I mean seriously, just a beautifully rugged, natural orchard. There was also some wine tasting to be had, as well as brick oven baked pizzas and a really fun band that played throughout the afternoon despite the blustery rain coming through.

They also had complimentary portraits being drawn up in the barn!


So both girls sat for their portraits. And by “sat” I mean sort of squirmed and twisted in the chair and I was feeling grateful that the very talented artist drew something that even sort-of resembled them. They are beautiful little momentos for the day and I’m excited to hang them up in their new bedroom (next week next week next week!).


Charlotte sat still with the help of a honey stick for about half of it. Then we had to start singing Little Bunny Foo Foo with her. Daddy stood behind the artist and did the actions so Charlotte was at least looking the right direction for the artist to see all of her gorgeous, chubby-cheek features (I’m her mother, give me a break). The things we do in public to entertain our children, I tell ya.


I like to call this group the “second wind” group. We had gotten a particularly strong shower after opening gifts, had packed everything up into the car, and were pulling out of the parking lot when I received two texts from party-goers that had just arrived! They had all told me they were coming late, but I just assumed that the weather had kept everyone home.

I was so wrong!


Back out of the car we went!

I am so happy they came when they did! Up until that point we had just been hanging out around the barn and campfire, the weather wasn’t really apple-picking weather at all. But when this group showed up, suddenly it stopped drizzling, the wind calmed down, and we were all, “Well shoot! Let’s go pick us some apples!” So we did!


It was a pretty great surprise-ending to our little washed-out party. It was still pretty grey out but there was no more rain and with the wind gone, the 60 degree temp wasn’t feeling quite so frigid. I think for every one apple that got put the bag, atleast three were eaten. Babies really don’t understand the whole save-for-later concept when the apples are so delicious looking.


I was surprised by how many orchards only have a pick-your-own option for a couple of weeks in the fall and then are done. I thought apples were a until-it-started-snowing thing. Maybe not that long but I figured first week in October we were safe. Nope.


We had actually planned to go to a different orchard until we realized there were no apples available to pick! We made a quick switch to this one at the last minute. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when we weren’t even going to go out and get any apples. And then how happy I was when we were able to go later!


We had some pretty determined pickers…

By the time we were finally ready to leave (for real this time) everybody was pretty exhausted and well-ladened with bags full of apples. And I was feeling so grateful that the party hadn’t been as much of a disaster as I originally thought it was.


So a really big “thank you” to everyone who helped make this day wonderful for us! Charlotte had such a wonderful time at her big-girl birthday party and we felt so blessed by all the birthday wishes coming in! You all are amazing and we love you so much!



2 thoughts on “Charlotte Turns 2

  1. oh my gosh! Yours turned out great! Look at you clever, just figuring it all out on your own. LOVE it! I have to ask…what did you put on the inside? I keep playing with how much interfacing to use and how much batting, etc. So I’m curious what you used. Thanks!

    1. Haha Aaactually… I put in sort of a mid-weight interfacing and some simple craft weight batting at first. I found it was too floppy still so I just went all out and cut the form out of a thin cardboard and stuck it in the two large sides and top of the hood to keep it from collapsing in on itself.

      Eventually, when I’m feeling motivated I think I’m going to go back in and line it with heavy buckram. I used it for a bag once and it was really sturdy.

      I hope that helps. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration! Your imagination and creativity is amazing! So looking forward to your new line of patterns!


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