It Continues…

It’s Thursday.

It’s rainy.

Let’s talk kitchen inspiration! Who doesn’t love a good design collaboration on a dreary day?? We’re still two weeks away from closing (Saint Joseph pray for us!) but we’re hopeful that everything goes well and this baby will be ours to love and cherish!

As far as what we will be working with… allow me to illuminate the situation. Here’s the kitchen as it is now (please forgive the bad photo quality).

Kitchen 3

Holy laminate, Batman.

The kitchen is attached to the dining room, as well as has a connection to part of the enormous living room in the front of the house (we’ll talk about that at a later date). The door to the side of the house is also connected here. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a great space… but needs a lot of tender loving care. The cabinets are in great shape but apart from that… it’s just not really our style in here.

Kitchen 2

It doesn’t really look like it from the pictures, but it just feels super sterile in there. I’m all about a clean kitchen, but I also think there is something to be said about incorporating different colors, textures, and patterns into a space to make it feel warm and lived-in.

The best part about the kitchen is this guy:

Kitchen 1

Boom! Eat-in kitchen area! Complete with great window to look out into the backyard. I’ve got plans for this space. Lots and lots of plans. Plans that do no include floor-to-ceiling laminate.

But if I’m being honest, because the kitchen is generally in really good shape, it’s not on our spend-money-now priority list. Updating this guy is going to be down the road a bit while we save for new appliances, built-ins, light fixtures, new flooring, new counter tops etc.

Until we’re ready to take on the kitchen redo, I have been drawing some great ideas from really amazing spaces out there on the web. I just wanted to share a couple of my favs with you.

Like this one. First of all, if you don’t know this about me. I L.O.V.E. white cabinets. I know everyone says they’ll go out of style but man, I just love how clean and modern white cabinets look. But what I really love about this kitchen is that chalkboard wall! First, it’s huge. Second, what an amazing way to incorporate your children, your schedule, art, creativity etc. all in one space. Not quite sure how we’ll implement this in our own kitchen, but I’m determined to figure it out. And you know what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. There is no “try”, there is only “do”.

Symmetrical Space

We’re hoping to add something like this into that nook. We love that it’s simple, but has wonderful warm textures. I love the rustic wood table (and the amazing legs!), coupled with the warm pillows mixed in with the soft white/cream benches and walls. Don’t you just want to sit down and spend time there? It’s pretty amazing.

Another great photo to inspire is this guy:

Large banquette + curved entrance

Again, it’s the sleek lines of the white benches and walls. Plus that jaw-dropping chunky table and really fun pillows. I vote yes. Just yes.

I also love the idea of incorporating some open shelving in the space. Whether that means shelves near the ceiling that houses all of our cookbooks or shelves to display some of our dishes and decorate items I do know yet, but I like the look of open shelving in the kitchen. Right now all of the cabinets are solid doored, and I think if we open some of it up it’ll make the kitchen look a little more breezy. Luckily there are two pretty sizable windows in the kitchen so it keeps light streaming in, making it a pretty bright space.

What’s been inspiring you lately? Have any last-minute plans before it gets really cold? In Minnesota here it’s supposed to rain most of the weekend and be around 50 degrees. Definitely feels like we’ve left summer far behind us.






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