Remodelers Showcase… and some awesome shopping

Last weekend was the Remodelers Showcase edition of the Parade of Homes. A friend of mine and I went a-hunting for some great ideas for our houses (closing is coming up!). Since we both own houses in Minneapolis, we wanted to see what others had done with the challenges (and blessings) of owning an older home.

We were not disappointed! It’s wonderful to be able to pin things on Pinterest and tab inspiration photos is some of my design books, but actually seeing things in person really lights a fire. It’s all “Ooo I could this” and “Wow, our rooms are set up just like this, I bet we could something like this!” Also, can we just talk about how every time I see a claw-foot tub in a bathroom I just want to break out the bubbles and relax in it for hours? Guilty.


Love me some cubbies! I also love me some green trench coat… but stealing is illegal so I’ll have to go get my own. Priorities. Also, since we need to completely redo the railings and stairs, I loved the way the made the rungs for the banister white while matching the handrail with the wood from the stairs. I am also thinking we might need to have a fabric runner for our stairs after they’ve been stripped of there lovely orangey shagginess, but we will see.

BUT the real fun part of the weekend was going through Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis. For those of you who love a little antique shopping. You’ll love this place. The prices aren’t particularly cheap, but the stuff they have is really awesome. I even walked away with a couple of things… but more on that later.

Let the yummy details follow!


First of all, the sheer amount of various lettering is out-of-control. They have wood letters. Paper letters. Plastic letters. Vinyl letters in a wide array of color. Chunky light-up letters. I mean seriously, the list goes on and on and on. I found one giant orange “O” that needed to come home with us… but at almost $40, I left it because we have nowhere to store it at the moment. Until next time “O”… until next time.

afterlight (1)

I may or may not have laughed out loud when I saw this table of (mainly presidents but there might have been a Caesar or two) busts. Mama needs some white ceramic busts for bookshelves. Maybe I need to start thrift shopping for impressive historical biographies to accompany them. Anybody have any suggestions? Speaking of bookshelves…


So much awesomeness- so little time. They even had a super ancient Bible, complete with fantastic chunky gold clasp and large imprinted gold cross. You know, the kind you see on TV sets being used as a prop. Again, pricey, bust no less awesome.

Then there was this:

afterlight (2)

And my bunny slippers ran for cover.

This might be someones idea of decorative genius… but I just kind of wanted to cry. Maybe if you gave it a cute little nickname like “Goober” or something.

I also found this and let out an audible “Awwww”:

afterlight (3)

Did anyone else have this movie as a kid??? I L.O.V.E.D. it! I’m still sort of sorry it didn’t come home with me.

So that was how I spent my Saturday afternoon last week. Has anyone else been to Hunt & Gather? Do you have any go-to places for awesome antiques or thrift items? Anybody else feel like that fish probably was the bully on the playground?




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