Can’t Stop It, Won’t Stop It

Okay, so remember how I said I was going to be all cool and collected until we signed for the house on closing day?


Though I’m definitely a girl who’s all about the don’t-get-too-excited-until-it’s-actually-happening thing… I’ve been a total Pinsperation fiend ever since we got our offer acceptance notice on the house. I’ve pinned things that aren’t even the least bit possible simply because… well… there are no vaulted ceilings anywhere in the house (though the attic is begging to be finished) and our yard is too teeny tiny to have an entire outside area devoted to a brick oven with twinkle lights and luscious drapery. BUT that is not the point, right? I’ve practically been living over at Design Sponge scouring through all kinds of house tours and Apartment Therapy and me are like white on rice right now. No joke. Also, can I just talk about how Emily Henderson comes up with the most amazing, random and inspiring collection of rooms? I have no idea how she puts the things together she does and makes it look like it was all meant to be there from the beginning. If I tried it, it would probably look like a junkyard pile-up.

So let’s just be honest and say, if something goes terribly wrong and we don’t end up in this house… it might take me a week or more to get over it. It might also require a little bit of vino and a whole lot of carbs. I’m just throwing that out into cyber space and hoping someone out there is like, “Preach it!”

Anywho… because it’s Tuesday and I want to… I decided to share with you the inner workings of my brain as I plan out what we’ll be doing in the girls’ room (you know, after we remove the wallpaper, re-sand and stain the hardwoods and a medley of other projects that are a must first).

The room itself is on the smaller side, so much of what’s in there will need to serve multiple functions. Storage will be a trickster I’m hoping we can catch. May the force be with us and the odds in our favor. (November 22nd!!!)

For paint color? I’m thinking…. white.

Whomp. Whomp.

But here’s why… because I fully intend on getting wrist deep in paint doing this:

Herringbone Shuffle Modern Geometric Wall Stencil | Royal Design Studio

At 34 bucks for the stencil, it’s definitely not a cheap purchase. But I think this as an accent wall will make the room fun and playful while still allowing us to keep it subdued with the other three walls (actually their room technically has about eight walls but that’s fo another discussion entirely) being a simple white. Will we actually do this? Who knows? But this is what my brain is obsessing over as of now. That and these. One thing at a time Jen, one thing at a time.

shared kids room

This is where I got the white walls inspiration. Actually several of the rooms I’ve pinned have all had white (or some solid color) walls with an accent. But this one has the white bunk beds (that we already own) and gave me some awesome hints on storage ideas (enclosed wicker baskets under the bed???).

Sophie picked this guy out on her own actually… I pinned it to remember it:

Flamingo photography I Etsy

I love love love the colors. And Sophie loves loves L.O.V.E.S. the flamingo. Not sure what her obsession is with the flamingo (she says it’s because “it’s so squiggly cute!) but from the day she saw a flamingo at the Minnesota Zoo, she’s been hooked. Why have we not bought her a flamingo stuffed animal? Do they make those??

I loved this print and it just happens to be in a similar color scheme:

in the sky

Also, I just love printspace. It’s adorable, charming and I want it all. I love this print in particular because it’s wonderfully girly without being pinky, sparkly and lacey. It’s simplistic and whimsical and perfect for a room with two giggly little girls living it.

I might have to make each of them one of these as well:


Because no child’s room is complete without a bigger-than-your-face cloud pillow! Am I right?

I love the idea of switching out the lighting (gosh darn boob lights) and doing some really simplistic. Also, I’ve kind of got a think for natural wood right now so, of course, I was all take-me-to-your-leader with this guy from West Elm:

Turning Pendant, Wood


At $149, I’m not sure we’ll actually be putting this in the girls’ room. But in a perfect world I’d have already ordered it and be patiently awaiting it’s arrival. Maybe we can make our own? Maybe we can do something completely different (read: better)? Does anyone else go into West Elm and say, “Yes please, I’ll take one in everything”?

Now that I’ve gotten THAT off my chest… I’m going to start planning the kitchen get back to work.

Are any of you planning on repainting a room or tackling some stubborn wallpaper? Have you ever used a stencil before? Horror stories? I hear it can really help with your bicep/triceps muscles (read: makes you so sore you can’t lift your coffee cup in the morning).



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