First Day of School

Or rather… first day of preschool!

Both girls went to their very first day of preschool today (although I think for Charlotte it might just be considered Day Care but shh…)! The girls were both really excited to go. We went to their preschool for a little “test run” late last week and they loved all the toys and games and, of course, the kids.

First Day of Preschool 2014

Originally we had thought that this year, since Sophie turned 3, we would send her to a half-day preschool program. However, then I went and got all employed and we were in need of something a little more full-time for BOTH girls. Having never sent our kiddos to any type of daycare before, I think I probably looked at about a million and half different options “just to be sure”. We even flirted with the idea of getting a nanny but we still wanted to send Sophie to some type of preschool program and that on top of the cost of an at-home nanny was kind of out of the question.

So, after doing some research we decided that we would send our girls to a day care program, and what we really wanted it to be was bilingual. We have always loved the idea of having our kids in a language immersion school program and you know what they say, “The younger the better.” Happily, there are lots of great options for language immersion school options, we just had to pick the one that fit us. And so the hunt began!

And we are so happy about our choice. We’ll see what the girls say when I pick them up, but from the pictures the center has been sending me, the girls look like they are having a great time! They both were a little unsure when we arrived, no tears, just unsure. But hopefully they warmed up to right away and had a great time! Cross your fingers!

Also, when I asked them to pose for the picture above. This is the original pose they did…

Backpack shot

Apparently they really like their backpacks…

For everyone else who started school recently… Happy back to school! Cheers!


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