A Brief History That Made Us Go Awwww

As part of our offer on the new house, we included a brief little letter to the homeowner just to say, “hello” and “this is who we are” etc., hoping that it would turn us into people and not just a dollar amount written on a bunch of legal paper. Our realtor had recommended we do it since there was more than one offer and my mother said that she had really enjoyed getting these letters when she had sold her last house in South Minneapolis.

So we were like, okay, let’s do it! Anything that can help, right?

Here’s a copy of the letter we sent.

Our Letter

And, surprisingly, we got a letter in return! Our realtor was so surprised, he said he’s never had a seller write a letter back. But we were thrilled to have it and it makes us just love the house even more. Here’s the letter we were given.

Homeowner Letter II

Isn’t that sweet? 69 years! What an awesome little history behind the home we hope to call ours in just a few short weeks!

Oh and for those of you who missed it, this was a little peak into the awesomeness that is our darling little retro house! Shag carpet, wood paneling and some pretty awesome vintage light fixtures.


Has this happened to anyone else? Do you have some interesting history in your home? We’re just waiting on the final report from the inspector that went through last night (holy shamoley was it hot!) and then we’ll be discussing options for updates and renovations! All the while of course holding our breath until closing day!



5 thoughts on “A Brief History That Made Us Go Awwww

  1. That is so wonderful!! You seem to have all the crafty skills to pull off an awesome revamp of this old style. There’s something strangely charming about the vintage style — like you’re walking into a house forty years ago. Lots of good family energy in there, sounds like! 🙂

    1. We love it!

      I almost feel bad making plans to redo a bunch of the house because it’s so awesomely stuck in a different decade.

      … but then I stop feeling bad and keep planning 🙂

      1. Hey lady! I have been theme-surfing for a long time for one of my blogs and it hit me today as I was looking at yours “that’s it!”. The straight forward simplicity…my goodness it’s difficult to find that for some reason. I don’t really suppose we have a lot of the same readers, but I wanted to holler at you so it didn’t appear I was stealing yours.

        Is that cool with you?

      2. The Theme is just a standard Theme on WordPress so by all means, take it, run with it and love it!


  2. The two letters brought tears to my eyes as I thought of all the joys and challenges that the previous family shared for so many years. Now this home will carry on that energy and joy as your family creates memories!

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