Our House In the Middle of Our Street

Okay, so you see that gorgeousness in the picture?


Yea, she’s ours!

And she’s definitely not in the middle of our street. More off to the right… But the neighbors are awesome!

Okay, I don’t want to jinx anything. We put an offer in on this little beauty and we found out this morning that it was accepted! We are so incredibly thrilled! We were a little worried because as we set up a second showing, we discovered that there was more than one offer already so we sort of crossed our fingers and hoped for the very best when we finally submitted all the paperwork.

And happily, we found out that it’s ours to love, cherish, and live in… as long as everything goes well. Of course there is still the inspection, and all the craziness of finally getting to the closing date (which will be in the middle of October) but as of now we’re just patting ourselves on the back for getting past the first step to home ownership!

Now let’s hope steps 2 through 3,456 go well too.


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