On a scale from one to diligent… I definitely am not.

In my defense, this last month or so has been absolutely insane. I went back to work two months ago and, although I love it, it’s been an adjustment for the whole family. One of the great things about the job, aside from the fact that I genuinely love it, is it’s only four days a week. I get a three-day weekend, every weekend. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me, and a learning experience for our whole family. We’ve also been really fortunate and found some great care providers for our girls so it gives me peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands while I’m away.

On top of that, our lease is up at the end of August and we’ve been trying to decide what the best course of action is for our family. The first, and most obvious answer, is to resign the lease. We love our apartment. It’s beautiful, in a great neighborhood, and the landlord and other tennants are really wonderful people. It was such an amazing gift to live there and grow there.

However, we went for the second option of (obviously) not resigning the lease.

“What?! Why?” (asks my perverbial best friend)

Because, we’re going to buy a house.


Yep, for a couple of months now we’ve been getting all our bucks ducks in row so that we can start looking at houses! We’ve decided that after spending a staggering amount of money on rent, between the two of us, for the last six to seven years, it was time that the money we spend on housing was money that was helping us with our own mortgage, not someone else’s.

So we’ve been “shopping” around. For privacy reasons, I won’t share where we’re looking but everyone else in the Minnesota seems to be looking in the same spot because as soon as a house posts, it’s off the market a week later.

It’s been really stressful carting our two girls around to look at a million and one Bean House contenders but we’re excited to see where we end up. For now though, we’re in major survival mode as we pack up the apartment, get ready to move it into a pod, and wait to find the house that screams, “This is the one!”

Of course I’ll keep you updated with our progress, as best as I can, but for now please send prayers our way as we enter this new exciting/stressful/momentous chapter in our lives.

We love you guys!





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