Sophie Turns 3

** I literally took maybe five pictures total at both of Sophie’s birthday parties (fail). So the ones I posted were from a very limited supply of all-around bad photographs. My bad.

We had a really busy weekend two weeks ago. Genius over here did her second (ever) craft sale on Saturday, and then had her oldest daughter’s birthday party/Mother’s day celebration on Sunday. THEN I decided to split up the family birthday party and friend’s birthday party so the following weekend we had Sophie’s kid birthday party. Yep, I did that.

In my defense, when I applied for the Craftsravaganza, it never occurred to me that May 11th is the day before May 12th. I was all, “Oh.” when I figured that one out like a big girl. Genius. So I had all this stuff sprawled out everywhere, while simultaneously trying to clean up the apartment… what?


Honestly though, it all turned out pretty stellar. I had a really wonderful time at the Saint Paul Craftsravaganza, even if my toes were frozen cold the whole time… The weather was nice and sunny with a side of blustery cold winds. At least it wasn’t raining. I sold out of my froggy bath mitts in the first hour, so now I know that I know when I think things are deliciously cute, I should probably make more than five of them. Lesson learned.

Thanks to all my amazing friends and family who came out and supported me that day. It’s so wonderful to see familiar faces in the sea of strangers. I also got to meet some pretty sweet, amazingly talented vendors from all over the midwest. I was even approached by a couple of store owners looking to sell my items (holy what?!) and people looking for vendors for other craft shows in other states (road trip!). So all in all, I would call it a pretty rocking success. Cold, but successful. Also, for those of you who have never been to the Craftsravaganza, go. And get there early because the swag bags they hand out to the first one hundred people are pretty legit. I had the extreme urge to hop in line myself just so I could get my hands on one of them. Next time…

In other news, Beansie turned three!

Say what?!

Yea, she’s a whopping three fingers up. Can’t believe it. I am still in such awe of her. She’s such a light in our lives. She’s got a pretty killer sense of toddler humour and loves all things pink and sparkly. Mama is pretty proud of her.


This year her birthday landed smack on Mother’s Day so when we sent out invites for her birthday party, we decided to just keep her Sunday, May 12th party small. Then we could also celebrate the mother’s in the room. We had Quiche (one was gluten and casein free and amazing. I used to think gluten-free was weird but I’m fast changing that opinion. I’ll post my variation of the recipe later. You’ll die.), fruit, and caramel rolls from our favorite bakery . I love birthday parties. It’s like an excuse to have a ton of delectable food all at once.


We scheduled her wild and crazy (read: low-key)  kid birthday the following Saturday. She had a blast at both! We feel so blessed by all the love and support we feel every day by our amazing crew. This one we went all sunshine and coals on the grill. We had hot dogs, various salads, a veggie and fruit platter and a (get ready for it) gluten, casein, egg-free cake with frosting that was likewise G.C. & E. free! Who am I?

And with all those delicious aspects removed, it was still an amazing cake! I have officially discovered my favorite out-of-the-box cake and frosting mix and I can’t believe it’s got no dairy, wheat or egg in it. But it was awesome, and Sophie loved making it. The reason we went that route is because some of Sophie’s friends have allergies and we wanted to make sure everyone could eat the food we provided. Nothing sucks more than going to a party and having to bring your own food for fear of allergic reactions. So we gave it our best and it turned out really great. (Next time I go to the grocery store I’ll look to see what brand the cake and frosting was from and I’ll update)


Do you like her outfit?

She picked it out herself. It was literally sitting on a hanger altogether for two weeks while we waited for it to be her birthday. Headband included.

Also, do you like Charlotte’s man-stache of chocolate? Classic.

We set out a slide, chalk, bubbles and balls for the kiddos to play with. Sophie’s really into gardening right now so the goodie bags were actually little pots with seeds in them for her friends to plant.

It was great. And now Sophie is enjoy the sweet rewards of being one year older… and having a large amount of brand new toys to play with. Ah, the good life. What did you all do over the weekend?


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