A Garden Fit For a Toddler

In our (fenced!) backyard, we’ve got three pretty amazing garden boxes from the previous tenants. The other couple that live in the same apartment as us said that they were put in specifically for the person who used to occupy our unit and they have absolutely no intention of using the garden boxes for themselves. So, since September, I’ve been dreaming about the day when I could get my hands a little dirty and start planting some “crops”.

Unfortunately, my only real experience gardening has been the shopping trip my mom and I took every year to get plants for her garden. A garden I had every intention of helping out with when we went and bought those beautiful plants, but forgot about once summer got into full swing. The result? I’ve never really had the opportunity to cultivate any kind of green thumb. Except for this experiment which I hardly think counts. I have tried countless times to plant an indoor herb garden… but that always ends up in tragedy and waster dollars and cents.

I really want to try my hand at growing some of our own food though, so I’ve been planning, pinning and plotting different strategies for having your own garden and one of the things that they suggest, is setting up a garden for little ones too so that they can participate in the gardening process. Of course, I was like, “Genius!” The issue we have is that we have rabbits. Tons and tons of little bunnies are constantly ruining any time of vegetation growth in our yard and we even heard that the people who had the garden previous to us, lost all their vegetable crops to those pesky little monsters.

So my idea was set up a fun garden for the girls with minimally delicious-for-rabbits stuff but with maximum toddler coolness factor and then use the rest of the boxes to plant vegetables and the like and fence it in with chicken wire. This is my great strategy. Get the girls involved with garden. Don’t lose all my vegetables to the bunnies.

So far? It’s a hit!


I had no idea what I want in their garden but I went down to a local green house and got some great help from the owner. He picked out textured plants, beautiful bright-colored flowers, smelly plants and even put our name down for when they get a new plant in that smells like buttered popcorn! He said I couldn’t have a kid’s garden without it. I quite agree.

I’m really excited for this weekend to do some “legit” planting and get all our vegetables in the ground! For now though, the girls are really enjoying their little plot of greenery!

How about you guys? Any planting happening at your house? Are you an experienced gardener? If you have any tips and tricks for rabbits do share!

Psst- Sophie’s birthday was last weekend! We will share her party details next week!

Psssst- The Craftstravaganza was awesome! I got absolutely no photos but it was a ton of fun and we had a great time!



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