The Final Countdown…

That’s all very dramatic for a post title, but if you ask Sophie, there is some serious bid-ness at work in our house right now. Can you guess what it is? Don’t get it wrong because (here’s a hint) you’ll have a raging almost-three-year-old flying at you with paintbrushes yelling, “It’s my birthday today! No! It’s tomorrow! No! It’s so so soooooon.”

End quote.

But seriously, Sophie is turning three in less than a month!

Sophie 3.3

I’m not sure where the last three years have gone, but our little baby is all grown up! Well, ok. She’s not all grown up but sometimes it feels like we’ll blink and she’ll be heading off to college and Tim and I will be all, “Wa happened?” The fun part about this year is that she really understands that whole “birthday party” concept and has been a flood of all kinds of ideas for her party. This year we’re even separating the celebration into two parties.

Sophie 3.6

 For the first time ever, we’re having one birthday party for her and all her little friends and a second for family members. It’s going to be a lot of work (and we’re crossing our fingers for good weather both days since our apartment is a little bit too small for such gatherings) but we’re excited to see if we can pull it off. Next week we’re planning on going “birthday party essentials” shopping, to quote Sophie. Want to know what’s on her list of must-haves?

Sophie 3.1.2

Here’s the list I’ve received, so far:

  1. A pink cake, with a Barbie in the middle.
  2. Some balloons. “Preferably pink, but I’ll be okay with blue.”
  3. Lots of friends.
  4. Maybe some hot dogs.
  5. “I think we should have a yellow dog.”
  6. A birthday party hat.
  7. “Charlotte should come too. Then I can go to her birthday later.”

This is what I’ve gotten so far. But I’m sure there will be more later. As far as what we’re actually planning? We have no idea.

Sophie 3.2.2

This is the picture we’re using for her birthday invitations… and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in the whole planning process. I found this cool little chalkboard at JoAnn’s for $1.50 with coupon. I bought two of them for the girls to use for arts and crafts and a little pack of colorful crayons. Sophie was so excited to hold her little sign that she kept crawling onto my lap while I was trying to get my artsy on. I think it probably took my half an hour to write that sign because my elbows kept getting bumped. But we’re happy with the results so it’s a win. Plus, now the girls have chalkboards to use on a daily basis. Then just color, wipe the chalk off and start again. No paper wasting necessary

We’ll keep you posted with what actually unfolds for birthday party plans!

What did you all do for your kids’ third birthday? How many birthday parties of yours can you remember? For one of my parties we went horse riding. I felt pretty legit a top a saddle.






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