Three Things To Do With A Glue Gun When You Should Be Cleaning


I’m going to come clean with you (pun not intended completely deliberate)… today, my living room looks like this:

ThreeThings1But don’t you ever have days where you look at the mess in your house and just want to say, “Screw you, Mess! I didn’t invite you here! Like a mature adult, I’m just going to ignore you until you go away!”

Inevitably, of course, you discover that Mess has way more staying power than you have patience and thus Mess wins (or loses?) when you get out the broom and dusting supplies.

For now, however, Mess can just hang out and be annoying, because I’ve developed a sure-fire way, using a glue gun, to do three other things other than tending to Mess. Here we go.

#1 Go All taxidermy On Its A$$

I’ve been pinning all these fun crafts to do with chopped off animal  heads (weird) and with Mess as my motivator, I finally got around to doing a cool craft on my own. Total cost? $1.20 for the piece of wood.


This will go in the girls’ room once they wake up. I love it. I think it’s super cute and fun. And fear not, no real animals were hurt in the producing of this picture. The glue gun was used to attach the severed heads onto the wood board. The wood and animals I painted using standard crafting paint, and the plastic animals we’ve had lying around for a long time. We’ve still got about a gazillion more so the girls won’t miss them.

#2 Fix Something

My mom has these really cute wood figurines in her bedroom, and the other day, Sophie was napping over at Nana’s and instead of sleeping, she broke one of the wooden figurines. Nothing a little hot glue couldn’t take care of though.

ThreeThings4Observe how the whole feeling of the figurine has changed. In the first picture, the little girl is all, “Nooooooo!” But in the second picture, they’re all “I love you.” I fixed it. Something productive done while I could have been doing something else productive. But Mess didn’t deserve the attention this mother and daughter duo deserved. Priorities.

#3 Revamp a Mason Jar

Today is the day for transformation. But not for Mess. Today I revamped one of the many lidless mason jars we have lying around (where have all the lids gone?) into a pretty stellar vase/random objects holder. Observe:


Look at how lovely it looks sitting next to the clearance Target lampshade I’m contemplating keeping/returning. I love the texture the jar has. It’s so cute with the $2.00 daffodils I bought at Trader Joe’s today. So I guess the total cost of this project was two buckaroos. All I did to change the jar was make a ring under the lip of the jar with the hot glue, then slowly encircled the jar with twine while adding more glue to the jar so the twine stuck. It took me about five minutes (and a few burnt fingers) and I had a new decor item. Love it.

In conclusion… if Mess is staring you in the face with a cocktail in his right hand and bunny slippers on his feet, looking like he’s going to be around for a while, just go grab your glue gun and do something else. He’ll still be there to chat later (unfortunately).


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