Good News!

Ok, so my posting has been less than satisfactory lately (last post was in October!), but I’m here today to tell you some really exciting news! So, Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

St. Paul Crafts

Come May 11th, Peaches and Bean Boutique (the new name for The Bean House Shop) will be appearing at the 8th annual Saint Paul Craftstravaganza in the Minnesota Fair Grounds!

The St. Paul Craftstravaganza is an annual urban craft fair. It is a place to find unique handmade art, meet the artists who make it, and learn new crafty skills to start your own projects!

There will also be many other fun and inspiring shops that’ll make you wish you could buy everything! Plus, they do all kinds of fun workshops throughout the day, AND if you’re one of the first 100 people through the door, you get a pretty amazing little gift before entering!

Sorry about all the exclamation points, I’m just really excited (!). So mark you calendars, May 11th. Come out with your moms (since Mother’s Day is on the twelfth… oh and Sophie’s birthday is also on the 12th), I know mine will be with me! Tell your friends, tell your friend’s friends. Oh just come alone and stop by so we can say hello! We’ll keep you posted (hopefully in a more effective way than how we’ve  been doing the last couple months… whop whop) with all the updates. Cheers!



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